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All round here’s just bog really, with concrete rolled on top. You want to grow trees you don’t plant em in concrete do yer.

A Rites of Passage drama set in 1980s Basildon, written and to be directed by Vincent.


Jes and Chris are teenage siblings growing up in a dysfunctional nuclear family. Their mother, Pet, is clinically addicted to prescribed drugs (valium), and their father, Rod,  a new council house owner, is obsessed with home improvements. As Pet puts herself through voluntary withdrawal, and Rod’s DIY fetish develops to the point of insanity, Jes and Chris do as best they can dealing with their sexuality, creativity and political awakening. Each of the protagonists is looking for their own way out of a new town that appears to have them incarcerated as lab rats, culminating in unforeseen tragedy. It is, strangely, also a love story.


Originally commissioned by the BBC. Fully developed, ready to shoot at a sub-£1million budget.

Read some early scenes from the script here.

Vincent appears as an interviewee in Christopher Smith’s new film New Town Utopia about the history of Basildon, and the relationship between Brutalism and creativity.

And watch LIVING SPACE below. It is a try-out short for Crying Out Loud, shots of the Basildon landscape with some Voice Overs from the original script.

LIVING SPACE from Vincent O’Connell on Vimeo.

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