Produced by Parallax Films in 1995


Written by Vincent O’Connell

Directed by Philip Davis

Produced by Sally Hibbin

Starring Reece Dinsdale, Saskia Reeves, Claire Skinner, Warren Clarke, Philip Glenister.


The first feature film to establish the football gang genre, Vincent was shortlisted for Best Screenplay at the Writer’s Guild Awards, and won the inaugral British Script D’Or. Based on true events surrounding the collapse of trials against Millwall football fans for conspiracy to cause acts of violence, it follows a team of undercover policemen as they infiltrate a gang of hard core hooligans. In particular, it charts the story of John, who goes so far into his role, he is unable to come out again.


(And yes, Vincent DID write the film, albeit based on an original story by James Bannon –Undercover Writer )


PDF Script Extract


Trailer here, full film to come shortly.

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