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Written by Vincent O’Connell, produced by Sally Hibbin and Patrick Cassavetti, (Associate Producer Vincent O’Connell), directed by Joel Novoa Schneider. Universal Pictures/Parallax Films.


A young British Asian, Mo is a fast-rising police officer who goes undercover inflitrating Shadwell’s resurgent hooligan element, who are fired-up by Shadwell’s takeover by a Russian oligarch and their unlikely adventure into European competition. Mo quickly becomes embroiled in the schisms between local far-right groups, and plans to build a new mosque in the shadow of the Shadwell ground create an explosive environment in which football and political violence form a perfect storm of social unrest. In the midst of this, Mo is faced with the essential existential question of who he really is, and where he really belongs.


Due for release August 12th 2016.


ID2 story

Click here to read an extract from the script

The film’s Facebook page is here

Listen to Vincent’s interview with BBC here

Several blog articles provide more background to this film. Scroll down the blog page to read MAD MOHAMMEDUNDERCOVER WRITER, PEBBLES INTO POOLS and FOOTBALL IS DEAD , all related articles.

Here is the official trailer.

Vincent recently took part in a Q&A screening of ID2, with producer Sally Hibbin and Britflicks’ Stuart Wright,  at the Duke of Yorks cinema in Brighton. You can view the Q&A below- the first few minutes are shaky to watch but the camera settles down after.

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