In the Land of the Living

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She’s dreaming about you. Most nights she dreams about you. Nightmares that you’re alive.

Written and to be directed by Vincent. An erotic psychological thriller.


On holiday in Marrakech with her husband Alan, Emma sees in the crowded market what appears to be her long lost brother Paul, who died some years ago in a train wreck. She loses him in the marketplace, but refuses to leave the city and obsessively looks for the doppleganger, whom she tracks down and entraps. Confronted by her, he at first denies and then admits he is her brother, and tells her the story of how he survived the crash but used it to start his life again. As her relationship with Alan disintegrates, she and Paul become embroiled in a passionate affair. But is he really her brother? She forces him to travel back home with her, to show him to her grieving parents. Is Paul a conman or her long lost brother, if he is lying their relationship is based on deceit, if he is truthful then it is an illicit, impossible liason. Her parents will know which is the case, but either way the relationship is impossible. Or is there another, even darker, possibility?


Commissioned script now fully owned by Vincent. Part 3 of his EUROPE trilogy.

Sample scene from script

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