Kissing the Butcher

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 A soul enters life like a bullet. It doesn’t go through cleanly and exit neatly. It twists, wobbles, deflects through bone, gristle, fat, and when it leaves it’s somewhere unexpected, way off the original course. ”

Written and to be directed by Vincent. A psychological thriller.


In the heart of contemporary Europe a war rages. In a besieged market town, NATASA and EMIR celebrate their wedding even as shells fall on the church that hosts them. Their family and friends plot to help the newlyweds flee the town; and a deal is struck with soldiers from the other side. On the night of their escape, however, one soldier hasn’t been told of the deal; he shoots them down as they run across the bridge which is their only way out.

Emir dies within minutes; Natasa has only been wounded, and she plays dead under the gaze of the sniper. When the sniper leaves , Natasa climbs up to his position and finds clues to his identity. She makes a hazardous journey through a war zone of destroyed towns, barren minefields and wandering refugees determined to track down the killer.

In the dark heart of Europe she catches up with the soldier, Adam, a British mercenary who is on a self-destructive trail around the meeting places for such adventurers – lost souls who gather in seedy hotels and basement clubs, sharing their loneliness with prostitutes, drug and arms dealers. Natasa and Adam meet; but the desire for revenge and self-obliteration twists itself into a tortured kind of love which eventually kills Natasa.

Adam arrives home in England, a broken man. But he meets a young woman, a student called Eva. We are sure she is Natasa, but her appearance, her name, her very identity have changed. Adam and Eva become lovers; for the tortured ex-soldier there now seems to be hope for building a new life. But Eva is haunted by the tale of the woman Adam loved in Europe, who died. And love is now a vehicle for revenge.


Commissioned script now fully owned by Vincent. Part 1 of his EUROPE trilogy.

Sample scene from script

Unedited extract from A Bosnia Diary