Rachman – Empire of Dirt

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Written and to be directed by Vincent O’Connell. This feature is an original commission from Redspur Films.



An exiled Polish Jew, Peter Rachman reinvents himself in post-war England as a notorious slum landlord providing housing to a generation of new  immigrants. Beneath the unexpectedly charming, succesful exterior is an anguished man whose fractured identity reaches out for affection, acceptance and status to to the bizarre gallery of high- and low-lifes who are drawn to him. His increasingly desperate juggling of finances, girlfriends and tenants careers out of control, igniting the tinderbox that sparks the Notting Hill riots, and he finds that no matter how powerfully he recreates himself, the concentration camp guard is always at his shoulder.


Ready for production. Redspur have recently, and on good terms, split from former production partners LAB. A new version of the script is now prepared, reducing the budget to £1.5m. A new funding and co-production drive is now underway. The former production prospectus below is outdated in this way, but remains usefully informative about the project.


Click here for Redspur Films/LAB Entertainment production prospectus


Click here to read an extract from the script


Click here for images of Rachman’s London.


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